INTO THE SEA by old school paul on Flickr.
untitled by Millie Clinton: on Flickr.
untitled by Millie Clinton: on Flickr.tip tap type
Rimmel’s 1861 perfumed almanack.
1940. Apósom a Máramarosi Havasokban by elinor04 on Flickr.
1965, school girls. Gellért Hill, Budapest by elinor04 on Flickr.
(via what-i-found: Betsy McCall Paper Doll -1963- Christmas Morning!)
christmas morning
Florence, dimanche matin, Viali dei Colli. 
untitled by Millie Clinton / on Flickr.
(via 'Cutout of a Lady in a Sumptuously Decorated Masque Dress (Head Missing)', Susanna Duncombe (née Susanna Highmore) | Tate)
comme Marie Antoinette
(via Letterology: The Mid-Century Russian Book)
papier étoiles
(via Sur le Pont d’Avignon, On the bridge of Avignon, song lyrics - Horizon Provence)
sur le pont d’Avignon
MET · A · MOR · PHO · SIS .8 by Katy Shayne on Flickr.
Opaque  by  andbamnan