(via 'Cutout of a Lady in a Sumptuously Decorated Masque Dress (Head Missing)', Susanna Duncombe (née Susanna Highmore) | Tate)
comme Marie Antoinette
(via The Velvet Highway - In the Viewfinder)
Rose Bertin
(via Bed of Marie Antoinette, Fontainebleau Palace - ID: 835711 - NYPL Digital Gallery)
Marie Antoinette’s bed, Fontainebleau Palace.

A video lookbook of the fanciest t-shirts on the planet.

(by andrea barja)
marie antoinette
All Things Nice (by Nancy Alice Wood)
marie antoinette dans le petit trianon,
et oui c’est un macaron vert!

“curious little thing… always wondering what’s out there.”

collage magie
bonjour princesse tristesse
Opaque  by  andbamnan