Vous avez la syndrome de Peter Pan?
(via Autumn Crocuses, Oil by Felix Vallotton (1865-1925, Switzerland))

Autumn Crocuses, Oil by Felix Vallotton, 1865-1925, Switzerland
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Sylvia Plath
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Photography by Olivier Culman

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by  Kings of Convenience

106 plays
~   Mahatma Gandhi 

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collar love
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Romualdas Rakauskas, 1981

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The Writer (di hollyleonardson)
Summer by Julianna Swaney on Flickr.
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untitled by Cathode and Anode on Flickr.
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Ellsworth Kelly - Philodendron II, from Series of Plant and Flower Lithographs (1983-5)
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Opaque  by  andbamnan